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Oats - Independent Trials

Oats – Independent Trials

How to improve Oat yield and quality

Bioscence Independent trials at loddington over 4 years helped to provide very valuable data, Oats showed an average yield increase of 12%. The Bioscence approach helped increase natural soil biology and improved plant root mass. Every 1 cm deeper your roots go, you access 130 tons of soil across 1/ha, therefore improving plant feeding, leading to better yield, milling quality, plant health and stress reduction. We achieved these results and still managed to reduce nitrogen by 10%.

  • Improved root mass
  • Better plant feeding
  • Improved biology
  • 12% increase in yield
  • Improved milling quality
  • 10% less nitrogen
  • £57/ha improved margin
    (based on £112/ton selling price)


On farm trials over many years have also shown yield increases of 10-20%. Consistent improvements in bushel weights were noted, helping to meet market demands and improve yield. Franklin Soil Fertility liquid bio stimulant can easily be applied with other crop treatments, is tank mixable, safe and simple to use.

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