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“Your soil is your most precious resource”

We can help you achieve the best balance to get the best results from your soil, using our Cation Exchange Rebalancing Soil Survey and our expert knowledge

Providing better understanding of soil fertility and plant nutrition – Soil is our most precious resource

Benefits to Soil Analysis and Tissue Analysis

Help to improve and maintain soil fertility, identify any limiting factors, which will help to reduce over use of fertilisers and also improve plant nutrition.

Cation Exchange Rebalancing Soil Survey

To help identify more precisely nutrient levels, which can affect uptake of nutrition, plant growth and plant health.

Complete Tissue Analysis

To help identify precisely what the plant is getting from the soil, giving a better understanding of plant requirements.

Expert Advice

Expert interpretation of soil and tissue analysis results tailored to suit each customer from a FACTS trained adviser.


A wide range of nutrients to help solve the potential limiting factors and plant/root stimulants to help more efficient plant feeding.

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