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Paisley Golf Course

Paisley Golf Course

Course Manager Jonathan Cleland invited us to look at the greens at Paisley GC to see if our Cation Rebalancing program would work for them. Jonathan told us that he was looking to adopt a more sustainable approach to managing the turf.

“Over the last 4 years we have used the FSF Cation Rebalancing Soil Survey to identify the nutrient imbalances within our root zone, which has allowed us to implement a fertiliser program that addresses these imbalances. Like most courses in the West of Scotland we experience high rainfall and we are also a very exposed site, the continued use of FSF products have led to real improvements in turf quality, particularly throughout the winter months and moving into spring”.

Jonathan Cleland, Course Manager


“Your soil is your most precious resource”

We can help you achieve the best balance to get the best results from your soil, using our Cation Exchange Rebalancing Soil Survey and our expert knowledge


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