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Bio Stimulant with Oats

Bio Stimulant with Oats

How to improve yield & quality of Oats

Using Franklin Bio stimulant liquid helps to improve size of Root Mass and Depth of Roots, every 1 cm deeper your roots go, you access 130 Tons of soil across 1 Ha, therefore it improves plant feeding, leading to better Yield, Quality, Plant health, Tiller Survival, Winter Hardness and Stress Reduction.

Case Study – Mr. Black, Farmer from Kinross, has been using Franklin Bio stimulant for the last 3 years on his Oats, and has seen consistent improvements in bushel weights leading to better quality to meet market demands and better yield, averaging 17% increase in yield, that works out at an extra £40 per acre profit.


“Your soil is your most precious resource”

We can help you achieve the best balance to get the best results from your soil, using our Cation Exchange Rebalancing Soil Survey and our expert knowledge


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