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Carrots - Blairgowrie

Carrots – Blairgowrie

Cation Exchange Case Study

“Having used the Cation exchange system for the past 5 years I am confident it delivers benefits to my 40ha carrot crop. It makes complete sense to ensure that the whole range of trace elements are delivered along with the major nutrients, we have now moved from a broad brush approach to targeting inputs, and therefore costs, where required. Over the period we have been using this testing regime we have had a very good return over the cost of the fertiliser and testing due to a much improved yield and quality. In light of this benefit I am also starting to use this approach on cereal crops to try and improve performance across the rest of the farm”

Colin Mitchell, Farm Manager at Meikleour, Blairgowrie.

ANALYTICAL REPORT Carrot Nutritional Comparison Results
Laboratory Reference   FORA199017 FORA199018 %Increase
Sample Reference   55-TREATED 55-CONTROL  
Dry Matter % 11.1 11.5  
Total Nitrogen DUMAS % w/w 0.73 0.69 6% +
Total Phosphorus % w/w 0.19 0.15 27% +
Total Potassium % w/w 2.15 1.64 31% +
Total Calcium % w/w 0.24 0.22 11% +
Total Magnesium % w/w 0.11 0.11 0%
Total Sulphur mg/kg 861 780 10% +
Total Copper mg/kg 4.2 3.7 15% +
Total Zinc mg/kg 13.0 14.0 6% –
Total Iron mg/kg 485 741 34% – (too high)
Total Boron mg/kg 21.6 18.2 25% +


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