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Turnhouse Golf Course

Turnhouse Golf Course

Turnhouse Golf Course – Course Manager Gavin Ballantine invited us to look at their greens to see if our Cation Rebalancing program would work for them. Gavin told us that the early part of the season has always been difficult to get smooth and true greens, due to uneven growth of different grass species coming out of winter dormancy, due partly to the cold winds in the spring and the exposed location of the course.

“By using FSF Cation Rebalancing Soil Survey to work out the imbalances within the soil and the FSF fertiliser program. In particular we used one of their spring starter fertilisers, it has really helped improve the early season quality of the greens, a lot better coverage, smoother and truer and we also used some of their other Cation nutrient products during the winter to rectify the imbalances found in the soil survey.”

Some of the members of the golf course have been saying
“it’s the best we have ever seen the greens in the spring for the past 50 years of membership”.

STRI have reported that organic matter levels have decreased over the last 12 months and that smoothness and trueness of the greens are in their top category. Disease has also decreased over winter and during the playing season, and it has been noted during winter that the greens have kept a thick coverage and good colour.

Gavin Ballantine, Course Manager, Turnhouse Golf Club


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